Contact Alumni

Please feel free to search and contact any of our study abroad alumni. The list below features students that participated in our program and requested to be contacted in the future by interested students. Please only contact students if you are serious about studying abroad with us.

  • Jamie Ostmann (Orange County School of the Arts - California)
    jamie.o AT
    Mexico, Spring Break (2016)
  • Koreena Lopez (University of Houston - Texas)
    koreena1129 AT
    Mexico, Summer (2016)
  • America Perez (University of North Texas - Texas)
    america.perez014 AT
    Mexico, Summer (2016)
  • MariaLuz Duran (New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology - New Mexico)
    marialuz1294 AT
    Mexico, Summer (2016)
  • Sakena Martin (McDaniel College - Maryland)
    ssm004 AT
    Mexico, Semester (2016)
  • Alyssa Cox (Eastern Kentucky University - Kentucky)
    alyssa_cox58 AT
    Mexico, Semester (2016)
  • Casey Marshall (Eastern Kentucky University - Kentucky)
    casey_marshall AT
    Mexico, Semester (2016)
  • Sadie Hammond (University of Kentucky - Kentucky)
    orangestripedcatjr AT
    Mexico, Semester (2016)
  • Natalie Doris (University of Arkansas at Little Rock - Arkansas)
    nmdoris AT
    Mexico, Semester (2016)
  • Rebecca Feuka (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Michigan)
    feukareb AT
    Mexico, Semester (2014)
  • Alison Southworth (University of Kentucky - Kentucky)
    alison.southworth AT
    Mexico, Semester (2013)
  • Cherise Moody (Temple University - Pennsylvania)
    cherise.moody AT
    Mexico, Winter Break (2012)
  • Beau Parker (Texas State University - Texas)
    bp1170 AT
    Mexico, Winter Break (2012)
  • Brandi Moore (University of Kentucky - Kentucky)
    Brandi.moore AT
    Mexico, Winter Break (2012)
  • Erin Best (Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma) AT
    Mexico, Winter Break (2012)
  • Melissa Goodwin (Winona State University - Minnesota)
    mgoodwin07 AT
    Mexico, Semester (2009)
  • Sally Wilcox (University of Kentucky - Kentucky)
    sally.wilcox AT
    Mexico, Summer (2010)
  • Britany Winkle (University of California, Santa Barbara - California)
    britanyw55 AT
    Mexico, Summer (2010)
  • Kemoy Martin (Morgan State University - Maryland)
    kemoy.znupe AT
    Mexico, Winter Break (2011)
  • Elise Luce (Eckerd College - Florida)
    ms.lucee AT
    Mexico, Semester (2011)