Study Abroad & Spanish Immersion in Granada, Spain

"If you were to visit only one city in Spain, this should be Granada" - Ernest Hemingway

  • Affordable program in Southern Spain
  • Surrounded by the Sierra Nevadas, picturesque mountains visible from almost any vantage point
  • Home to the monumental and romantic Alhambra, the former palace of the sultans
  • Visit Arabic tea shops in the narrow streets of the Albaycin, the largest preserved Moorish quarter in all of Spain!
  • Enjoy a flamenco performance, feel the passion of this Gypsy art
  • One hour from the Costa del Sol beaches

Learn Spanish in one of the most ancient and diverse cities in Spain . . . Granada! Explore the narrow, cobblestoned streets of the former Muslim quarter, the Albaycin, wander the passageways of the Alhambra, or enter the white-washed caves of the Gypsies and experience the passion of a flamenco performance.

Academic Overview

You will study at the prestigious University of Granada’s Center of Modern Languages (the CLM), located in one of Granada's most historic neighborhoods, the Realejo. Walking to class you will pass through winding cobblestone streets and hidden plazas. Spanish classes are taught in two historic buildings dating to the 16th century. Spanish is the emphasis, but there are also a large number of other modern language courses taught here. The majority of the students are international, especially in the summer; however there are also a significant number of Spaniards. We encourage you to sign up for an intercambio (or exchange partner) during your stay to provide opportunities outside of the classroom to practice Spanish. This is the ideal program for students interested in Spanish immersion and living in Spain. Granada is the perfect location due to its unique culture, wonderful student vibe, and relaxed atmosphere.


This experience will not only provide many opportunities for work but it has [also] made me more open to the idea of traveling in ...

Michael Glowczewski
Spain, 2013

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