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    Lia Hext (University of Houston - Texas)
    Costa Rica, Semester(2016)


    "This program has been a true blessing to me. You will never have an experience that will amaze, surprise, challenge and change you like the SOL program. If you're looking to expand your mind and broaden your perspective on life, Sol has the perfect program and staff to take you on a journey. I feel much more experienced in life and pushed out of my comfort zone. I truly enjoyed all of the excursions! They were more than I had ever hoped for or would be able to do on my own. Being submersed in Spanish has given me this huge foundation to grow on and take my Spanish outside the basic level. I can understand the cultural context much more clearly. My family was wonderful as they were super inviting and made me feel apart of them. I hope to visit them in the furture. I am super grateful to have met such amazing people who have inspired me in so many ways. Traveling with them has been huge for progressing my own personal growth. Take advantage of the hard times as they are meant to stretch you and allow you to grow as a person. Realize how lucky you are to be here and live in the moment as much as possible. I cannot describe how thankful I am to have studied abroad with this program. Enjoy every single moment of the journey because it will be over before you can believe it."