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    Stacey Gardner (University of Houston - Texas)
    Mexico, Summer(2017)


    "I loved [my host mom] and her home! She was extremely welcoming and very patient with me considering my Spanish is not very good. I was really nervous at first about being able to communicate but she very quickly put me at ease and made me feel comfortable speaking. She definitely corrected me if I misspoke but in a very caring way, just wanting to help me learn. Her meals were seriously awesome and she was very considerate if someone expressed a certain dish or ingredient that they weren't fond of. When I got sick she was very caring, like a true mother, and made me tea and food to help my stomach. She made us fantastic hot chocolate when we were homesick. Her home is very clean and comfortable and I never had an issue with anything in the home. Her dogs Coco and Tifón are wonderful and cute and made being away from my pets bearable. [She] definitely opened up her home wonderfully and gave me a better home away from home than I could ever ask for. "