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    Isis Burks (University of Texas at San Antonio - Texas)
    Costa Rica, Summer(2017)


    "The biggest challenge was living in a country on my own that I did not share the same language with. Every day I had to push myself to learn more about the language and become confident enough to speak it to native speakers. However, that was one of my greatest benefits as well! The amount of improvement that my Spanish made within 3 weeks was amazing. I could carry on conversations with native speakers and I didn't think I would be able to do that. Another benefit was the amazing friends that I made. I was lucky enough to have a smaller group of just 15 people which allowed us to really get to know each other. After a week, we felt like we had been friends forever. I made some friendships that I hope will last forever. [...] Be open to everyone and everything around you! It can be scary when you get there but just jump in with both feet because your experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you will surprise yourself."