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    Kortney Plummer (Winona State University - Minnesota)
    Spain, Summer(2017)


    "[My host family's] house was AMAZING! [My host mom] put in so much effort to get to know us and tell us about life in Spain. She made incredible food and even invited us to go to work with her one day (which was so cool to see!) I am going to miss her and staying in her home, I definitely reccomend her as a host family! While here I not only made lifelong friends in the program, but also in the country. The greatest benefit was learning about the culture and actually living in it, not just doing all the tourist things. I have made so many memories that will last me the rest of my life! After living here I have fallen in love with the country and the way of life. The directors and leaders 100% care about you and your experience. They will give it their all to make sure you enjoy your trip. Don't be afraid to just jump in and start living the Spanish life. Take every chance you can to go on a hike or stay out late and get tapas, you won't regret it and you will make the greatest memories! Just want to say thank you to the program and activity directors!! They went so far above and beyond to make sure that everyone enjoyed their trip! They helped us create travel plans and gave us an amazing experience!! I will never be able to thank them enough for everything they did to make sure we enjoyed our experience here in Spain!"