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    Anastasia Tomblin (Texas A&M University - Texas)
    Spain, Semester(2017)


    "All of the directors were really helpful and informative. Learning the history of both barrios was interesting! I really enjoyed all of the excursions, more specifically, I really enjoyed the walk up to the Albycin and Sacromonte! I absolutely loved my homestay family! I couldn´t have asked for a better homestay experience. My parents were friendly, clean, and helpful! [My host mom] always made the best meals and made sure my roommate and I were well taken care of. The greatest benefits were being able see my Spanish improve and watching myself grow as a more independent learner. I really grew to love the language and wanted to push myself to continue to know more. This program offers you everything you need in order to feel safe will abroad! The directors will do a great job at taking care of you and you will get the chance to make life-long memories with other students!"