Affiliation Benefits

Affiliation Agreement

Universities & Study Abroad offices have a need to send their students abroad with safe and trusted programs. With Sol Education Abroad you can be assured that your student will be taken care of in the greatest way possible both in general safety terms but also in regards to academics and the overall experience. In order to better serve the schools we work with and their student body we often create Affiliation Agreements between our organization and yours. There are many benefits to an Affiliation Agreement. Some of these benefits include:

How Your University Will Benefit

  • Scholarships : Sol Education Abroad offer’s our affiliates direct scholarships to your student body.
  • Site Visits : Sol Education Abroad will attempt to accommodate your study abroad staff and directors on site visits (when possible) and will provide air transportation, accommodations, onsite arrangements and meals once the university has sent a total of 10 students abroad on our program or if another arrangement is agreed upon.
  • International Medical Insurance : Sol Education Abroad agrees to provide International Medical Insurance to all of your students.
  • Student & Parent Evaluations : Sol Education Abroad agrees to provide your university copies of their student’s program evaluations.
  • Communication : Sol Education Abroad agrees to inform your study abroad office any time a student completes an application and is accepted to our program and will provide the study abroad office any of the student’s information.
  • Acceptance : Sol Education Abroad agrees to accept all of your students that apply to our program, provided they meet our application requirements.
  • Financial Aid : Sol Education Abroad will assist your students in completing any forms and paperwork required to qualify for financial aid, grants, loans and scholarships that can be used to be study abroad.
  • Credit Transfer : Sol Education Abroad will help students before and after studying abroad get their classes approved with the your Registrar Office and the student’s department to facilitate credit transfer.
  • Catalogues : Sol Education Abroad will send catalogues & posters to your study abroad office.
  • Study Abroad Fairs : Sol Education Abroad will participate in any study abroad fairs and promotions organized by your university