Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city far more European than South American, an urban landscape steeped in tradition but offering modernity that never disappoints. From its numerous museums to its old-time cafés and milongas, or dance halls, for the seductive Tango, one will never find a dull moment. Watch a soccer match in the famous La Boca stadium and experience the bliss of fútbol in Argentina. Wander the bustling streets and grand avenues of the city and then explore the numerous historic neighborhoods. Buenos Aires vibrates with the history and energy brought by numerous European immigrants at the turn of the 20th century. Visit La Boca, with its brightly painted homes, or San Telmo; both neighborhoods were founded by Italian immigrants. Then cross over to Recoleta or Barrio Norte, which boast a French aristocratic style. With its charming European character and delicate balance of the historic and modern, Buenos Aires showcases the unique personality of Argentina.