Excursions are included in your study abroad program price!

Excursions are a fundamental part of the abroad experience. We carefully select weekend excursions that allow you to discover more about the country in which you are studying and are based on cultural and educational importance or sites of natural beauty. Entrance and transportation fees are always included.

The following is a list of our incredible weekend excursions. The excursions for your program will be confirmed in the Program Calendar you receive one month prior to your program start date.

Photo not found. El Tigre River Boat Ride & Old Market

Visit the fascinating river town of El Tigre, located on the banks of the Río de la Plata. Here, the Paraná and Uruguay rivers flow into Río de la Plata, making it the third largest estuary in the world. The region is known as the Delta and...

Photo not found. Argentine Cowboy Ranch (Gaucho)

Escape for the day from cosmopolitan Buenos Aires for a weekend excursion to the quiet and expanse of the Argentine Pampas. The rural pampas plains are defined by peaceful villages and wide-open terrain. This is an ideal excursion to the lands...

Colonia, Uruguay (UNESCO World Heritage Site)*

Cross the immense Río de la Plata, the widest river in the world, into the Uruguayan town of Colonia. Founded in 1680, Colonia was the only Portuguese settlement ever established along the river. Here it served as a contraband port against the Spanish. Due to its Portuguese past, the town has a very different feel than that of any Spanish colonial city. Today, Colonia’s narrow cobblestone streets and colonial homes are reminiscent of historic Lisbon, Portugal and this unique flavor has earned the town the distinction as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. *Included in all sessions except our Fall Semester Program, where we offer our "Atlantic Beach Trip - Mar de Plata" excursion. **If you are non-US citizens and come with a special visa you will not be able to participate in the Uruguay excursion due to visa regulations.

Photo not found. Atlantic Beach Trip - Mar de Plata*

Argentina shares miles of beautiful coastline with the Atlantic Ocean. Spend a weekend enjoying the amazing beaches just outside of Buenos Aires province. During the Argentine summer months, visiting these beaches is the most popular weekend...