Argentina Housing & Homestay

When you study abroad one of the most important aspects to a good experience is your housing. Ours is a homestay program.


Each of our programs involves a homestay. Living and sharing your experience abroad with a homestay is one of the important highlights of studying overseas. In fact, this can be the most enriching and lasting aspect of studying in a foreign country. Many students often maintain relationships with their host families well beyond the conclusion of the program. Our homestays make up an important part of our team. The hosts are carefully selected and interviewed, and have extensive prior experience.

We highly recommend the homestay experience as it’s the best choice for a true immersion experience, however, should you have extenuating circustmances, or need special accommodations, please contact us to discuss other options.

For academic year students, if you decide that you want to find your own housing during the second semester of your program please contact us in advance to work out the details and to confirm that your home university will allow this. If you choose an independent housing option the housing portion is deducted from your program price. It will be your responsibility to pay deposits, sign the lease and pay rent for your independent housing. 

Here's what you can expect from the homestay:

In Argentina:

  • On the weekdays, a light breakfast and dinner are provided by your homestay. Lunch is not included and is on your own.
  • On the weekends, a light breakfast is included both days and dinner is included Sunday evening. Lunch is not inluded and is on your own.
  • Many homestays in Argentina are single mothers (host moms) with grown children. However, we do have different types of homestays and the final selection is based on your profile that you share with us.
  • Homestays are usually in apartments versus houses.
  • You may share a room with another SOL student. Not all apartments are large enough to allow single rooms.
  • Our homestays are considered middle-class by local standards and live in very safe neighborhoods.
  • Homestays are located conveniently within a 20 to 30 minute commute to school. In Argentina this often involves using the subway or a local bus.
  • It is not common practice in Buenos Aires that laundry is done by your host and there are laundromats conveniently located near all of the homes.
  • All homes have WiFi.

Our Commitment:

We strive to provide the richest cultural experience possible with our programs, and realize that housing while abroad is an integral part to the experience you have. After acceptance into our program we will provide you with a Housing Questionnaire in order to learn about your specific housing needs. During your program the onsite director will address any issues you may have with your homestay. We want this to be a positive experience for you! The cultural growth you will experience by living with a local host is truly unmatched.