Volunteer & Service Learning Activities

Our semester programs include volunteer and community service opportunities. There is no better way to give back and develop a deep cultural understanding than by doing volunteer work while abroad. Whether you decide to assist local elementary school students during after-school programming or spend time with the elderly, you will not only better your Spanish, but also make lifelong friends along the way!

Listed below are some of our current options:

Photo not found. Home Building Project in Shanty Towns

Students volunteer with the organization “Un Techo para mi País.” While on the project students work alongside youth volunteers to construct wood homes for families in extremely poor neighborhoods on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is offered as an optional volunteer activity once per semester. It is over the course of a weekend.

Photo not found. Feed the Homeless (Soup Kitchen)

We have connections with local churches who provide food to the needy and homeless. The activity is usually on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday evening depending on the church. For those interested, your program director will be able to assist you in getting connected with this project.

Photo not found. Medical Spanish & Healthcare Program

Form part of the Winter Break or Summer "Medical Spanish & Healthcare Program. This program allows pre-med, nursing or other related fields interested in healthcare to learn about the differences in healthcare management between their home country and Argentina.