Contact Alumni

Please feel free to search and contact any of our study abroad alumni. The list below features students that participated in our program and requested to be contacted in the future by interested students. Please only contact students if you are serious about studying abroad with us.

  • Connor Bloyer (Winona State University - Minnesota)
    cbloyer12 AT
    Argentina, Summer (2017)
  • Gabriela Gomez (Grand Valley State University - Michigan)
    gabigomez1995 AT
    Argentina, Semester (2017)
  • Brasilia Perez (University of California, San Diego - California)
    bzperez AT
    Argentina, Semester (2017)
  • Austin Hammer (Colorado College - Colorado)
    austin.hammer AT
    Argentina, Intensive Month (2017)
  • Hillary Crawford (San Diego State University - California)
    hillarycrawford36 AT
    Argentina, Winter Break (2012)
  • Deanna Ceriano (Fordham University - New York)
    dceriano AT
    Argentina, Winter Break (2012)
  • Katherine Horn (University of Delaware - Delaware)
    khorn412 AT
    Argentina, Winter Break (2012)
  • Trey Bradley (Franklin College - Switzerland - New York)
    gerald.trey.bradley AT
    Argentina, Semester (2011)
  • Jacqueline Tolson (University of California, Santa Barbara - California)
    jtolson AT
    Argentina, Summer (2010)
  • Norma Horn (Texas A&M University - Texas)
    norma.horn AT
    Argentina, Semester (2010)
  • Michael Giuliano (University of Connecticut - Connecticut)
    Michael.Giuliano AT
    Argentina, Winter Break (2011)
  • Samantha Johnson (University of Houston - Texas)
    Johnson.Samantha11 AT
    Argentina, Summer (2010)