Volunteer & Service Learning Activities

Our programs include volunteer and community service opportunities. There is no better way to give back and develop a deep cultural understanding than by doing volunteer work while abroad. Whether you decide to teach English to local elementary school students or spend time with the elderly, you will not only better your Spanish, but also make lifelong friends along the way!

Internship-Only Programs

You can travel abroad with us and intern rather than taking classes. We can customize your program so that you can  intern abroad and not take classes or take classes for a shorter period of time and then transition into just doing the internship. There is an additional fee and application process for internships, be sure to inquire when you apply to SOL.

This is also a great way to gain practical experience in a field of your interest and prepare you for your career decisions after college. The university will work with you closely to help select your position. If you are doing the internship hours as part of your degree, the university will list the internship and grade on your transcript.

Photo not found. Ecology & Tree Planting Project

Ecology & Tree Planting Project

Photo not found. Education Project (Teaching English to Pre-School & Elementary Students)

Education Project (Teaching English to Pre-School & Elementary Students)

Photo not found. Exercise Program for the Elderly

Exercise Program for the Elderly

Photo not found. Environmental Education with Kids

Environmental Education with Kids