• Eunice Rojas ( - )
    Argentina, Summer(2012)

    Professor of Spanish


    "To say that I was impressed with Sol Education would be quite an understatement. I feel that my own one-week visit was almost as life-changing as the experience that I would hope my students to have. I was impressed with the many different educational opportunities that are available to students so that students at any level of Spanish can have their academic needs met. The cultural activities that I participated in were well thought out and smoothly run. The Sol Education program in Buenos Aires appears to run like a well-oiled machine. The students that I met appeared extremely engaged in the culture and happy about the program. Sol Education would be a fabulous fit for Lynchburg College students. I am certain that our small college students would feel at home in the close community of the Sol Education program even in the immense city that is Buenos Aires. I will be recommending a Sol Education program to all of my students interested in studying abroad!"