• Jennifer White (Eastern Kentucky University - Kentucky)
    Spain, Semester(2016)

    Education Abroad Administrator


    "I have got to say, this may be my favorite of all the site visits I’ve done. Thank you so much for your hospitality. While I did also participate on the Argentina SOL group site visit a couple years ago, I feel that this site visit was so much fuller and richer, in that I got to participate in the student orientation, the student city tour, and was invited to the SOL Granada office and shown detailed information about how students are placed with host families, and the correspondence between the program director and students. I will be able to better advise the students about the program now, and…words cannot express how much I loved it. It’s an amazing program. Your host families all seem wonderful, the schools you work with are excellent, and Granada itself is an amazing place. Thank you again Germán, for everything you did to make it a great visit. I hope to see you again sometime!"