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Sol Education Abroad: 3 Top Awards in Abroad101 & STA Travels 2012 Study Abroad Rankings

Sol Education Abroad/December 03, 2012

We are very happy to announce that Sol Education Abroad has recently received 3 top study abroad accolades in Abroad101 and STA Travel's 2012 Study Abroad Rankings. As a reminder, we are still accepting applications for our popular Winter Break & Spring Semester programs. The awards are: TOP 10 STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM: "The best of the best. The cream of the crop. The creme de la creme. Howe... Read more

A Class Trip Meant Much to Mexico

Sol Education Abroad/October 08, 2012

March 22, 2012 A Class Trip Meant Much to Mexico By ELISABETH MALKIN MEXICO CITY - After weighing the risks of traveling to Mexico, the parents of one American teenager decided to allow her to join a school trip to Oaxaca, where students volunteered at an orphanage, visited archaeological sites and sipped vanilla milkshakes on the honey-colored town plaza. The fact that the parents were ... Read more

Abroad101 ranks Sol Education Abroad in the top 10 BEST Study Abroad Programs!

Sol Education Abroad/October 04, 2012

Abroad 101 Top 10 Study Abroad Programs! Sol Education Abroad: Latin University of Costa RicaLocation: Heredia, Costa Rica Available all seasons, year-round Sol in Heredia places students in an optimal learning environment. Also ranked in the top language category, this program immerses students in a small city filled with local students, making it easy for students to reach their ultimate la... Read more

Mexico Without the Crowds, or Attitude

Sol Education Abroad/July 25, 2012

By Damien Cave Published June 1, 2012 Eager young men waving us toward empty parking spaces by an eco-tourism kiosk, two excited toddlers in the back seat, and no way to turn back: tourism hell seemed to be upon us. After a long sigh, and a glance at the pristine Pacific in front of us, we gave in. And then the Costa Chica, as this region of Oaxaca is known, surprised us. “It&rsq... Read more

Costa Rica Addresses its Lack of Street Names

Sol Education Abroad/July 02, 2012

Leslie Josephs/The Wall Street Journal When Getting Directions, It Helps To Know Where the Fig Tree Was Costa Rica Addresses Its Lack of Street Names; 'By Pizza Hut' "SEVENTY-FIVE METERS WEST OF THE GENERAL CEMETERY, SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica" Rodolfo Sancho is on a quest to end the colorful life of Costa Rica's quirky yet costly address system, but he knows there are roadblocks ahead. Co... Read more

Music in Oaxaca featured on NPR today!

Sol Education Abroad/June 28, 2012

Check out this great article about the history of the "bajo quinto" in Oaxaca! The Bajo Quinto: The Instrument That Will Not Go Gently Mexico's Ruben Luengas is leading the revival of the stringed instrument and the music played on it. Read more

The New York Times - The Frugal Traveler: Hidden Mexico

Sol Education Abroad/May 30, 2012

For his 10th week of travel, New York Times Frugal Traveler Seth Kugel decided to buy an Oaxaca state map, arbitrarily pick a town and settle  in for the week.   http://video.nytimes.com/video/2010/08/18/travel/1247468645507/the-frugal-traveler-hidden-mexico.html Read more

Sol Education Abroad student goes above & beyond in Community Service in Costa Rica!

Sol Education Abroad/May 24, 2012

Volunteer Project by Sol Education Abroad student, Laura Salvatore: SPRING SEMESTER 2012: "For the past two months I have been working with a non-profit organization called Niños Sin Fronteras, also known as Children Without Borders. I have been given a special project, to advocate for a young girl who is in need, and my goal is to complete this project before I return home to the Un... Read more

Sol Education Abroad creates first study abroad program for oldest Historically Black University!

Sol Education Abroad/May 22, 2012

Morgan State University in Oaxaca! "1867, forever engraved as a milestone in American history and noted as the birth year of Morgan State University, has come and past as a great year. With it have been various legacies and traditions. It is always amazing to be recognized as the "first" anything! Studying abroad with Sol Education Abroad and Morgan State University's Spanish Professor, Dr. Lisa ... Read more