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We are always looking for outstanding people that have traveled the world and are inspired to join our world-class team of directors. Our onsite directors are in charge of all aspects of our study abroad programs.

JOB TITLE: Onsite Director


  • Travel and live in some of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world
  • Flexible dates (you can arrive before your program starts and stay as long as you like when your program ends for personal travel)
  • Visit the highlights of the country, with your expenses covered, such as hotels, restaurant meals, entrance fees, etc. (our excursions)
  • Participate in all the great cultural activities each site has to offer

JOB DESCRIPTION: Your primary responsibility is to be a leader; this includes planning all aspects of our student's study abroad experience. During the weekends, you are in charge of leading excursions, and planning the logistics, which may be for one day or overnight. During the weekdays, you are in charge of organizing cultural activities, such as dance classes or city tours, and planning the logistics. You must also assist students with their host families and any matters regarding their classes, such as possible tutoring, course changes, etc. You are also responsible for airport pickups. You will be responsible for making onsite payments for all activities and keeping detailed expense reports. A full detailed list of responsibilities will be provided to you if you become an onsite director.

EXPERIENCE & SKILLS: Previous abroad experience is absolutely necessary and fluency or proficient in Spanish is a must. For many reasons, we prefer foreign nationals living in our program locations. You must possess excellent communication and leadership skills and experience. Must have the ability to handle multiple tasks and priorities simultaneously, and you must be able to communicate with students, locals, staff, etc. Must be very flexible and be able to respond quickly to changing circumstances. Must have a high tolerance for ambiguity and changing situations. Personal study or living abroad experience is strongly preferred.

DIRECTOR CONDUCT & RESPONSIBILITIES: The director must at all times exercise professional judgment with the students and as a representative of Sol Abroad. This is a very dynamic job; therefore the director must be capable of making on-the-spot decisions and multi-tasking.

  • Monday thru Fridays students are typically in class in the mornings, therefore the director can use this time to plan for weekend excursions and cultural activities as needed.
  • Two to three times a week during the afternoons or evenings, the director will lead cultural activities.
  • Every weekend there is typically an excursion, which may be for the day or overnight.
  • There is free time in the schedule but the director must be autonomous enough to plan their day and schedule in free time around their job duties. There is no specific formula for free time. During every program there is a mix of overnight weekend excursions and day excursions. When there is a day excursion during the weekend (i.e. Saturday) you may have the other day free but must be on call.
  • You will be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during a program session.

SALARY & BENEFITS: Please contact us for details.

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