• Naomi Moon
    parent of Alli Moon (Broomfield High School - Colorado)

    Costa Rica, Semester(2016)


    "Dear Janiva (SOL Heredia, Costa Rica director), I just wanted to write and tell you how much I have appreciated you this semester. I was very apprehensive about letting Alli study abroad but, thanks to you, she has been in very good hands.My older daughter is a college junior and spent the semester in Italy. There was no supervision. She is old enough to handle it but I realize how fortunate I was to place Alli in the Sol Education Abroad program because she definitely benefited from the host family situation and the Janiva Cifuentes-Hiss situation. You placed her with exactly the right hostess and exactly the right roommate. Alli learned a lot from both Martha and Emily and was very comfortable and happy there.You were always responsive to any concerns Alli or I voiced. The schedule you developed and the outings you took the kids on were so meaningful and helped them see more of life outside our North American bubble. After seeing the deprivation in Nicaragua, Alli has become interested in pursuing a career in public health. I have nothing but rave reviews for you and your service to Sol Education and our kids. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Naomi Moon"