Academic Advising

Every academic institution has its own process to follow when you plan to study abroad. If you are unsure of the process at your university just ask us!

Always make sure you meet with your study abroad office so that they can help you with the steps to study abroad on your campus. Many schools have required meetings that you must attend or their own internal application that you must complete. Whenever you apply to our program we will alert your study abroad office via email that you have been accepted in order to make sure you are on their lists and following the correct procedures.

Most schools require a Pre-Approval Form where you list the classes you plan to take and credit you hope to receive. Upon request, we will provide you with detailed course syllabi outlining the course description and contact hours. You will also most likely need to meet with an Academic Advisor. If you are not interested in receiving credit and are just going for the enrichment experience then you should not need to worry about this step. Either way, all of our participants will receive an official transcript out-ling their coursework and grades received.

The foreign coursework you complete is measured in classroom contact hours. A contact hour is the unit of measurement that is used by U.S. universities to determine credit.

15 classroom contact hours = 1 semester credit
10 classroom contact hours = 1 quarter credit