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One of the main reasons to study abroad is to fulfill requirements for your major or minor at your home institution. By studying abroad you can get ahead in your degree plan, or go and take the same classes for a semester as you would have back home. Upon successful completion of your Sol Education Abroad program you will earn an official transcript from the foreign university certifying the classes and hours completed and grade earned. When preparing to study abroad with us you will need to give yourself time to get your classes pre-approved. Every university has a different system but we have a lot of experience with this and will help guide you to get started!

University Credit

Credit earned through our program will transfer to your university degree as long as you get them pre-approved. Upon completion, we will mail your university an official university transcript in a sealed envelope with a translated cover letter. We will also email a copy to you for your records. Pre-approve your courses with a facutly advisor before departure to ensure credit transfer. The foreign coursework you complete is measured in classroom contact hours. A contact hour is the unit of measurement that is used by U.S. universities to determine credit.

15 classroom contact hours = 1 semester credit
10 classroom contact hours = 1 quarter credit


Foreign transcripts are typically received by our office 4 to 8 weeks after the completion of your program. We keep a copy of all transcripts in case you need official copies at a later date and can be mailed to you for a processing fee. See our page "Request a Transcript" for more details. *If you have just finished a fall semester program it can even take longer due to the holiday break. After the transcripts are received in our office, you will be sent via email a scanned version of your official transcript and a translated letter explaining the coursework completed and grade earned. Your official university transcript, along with the translated letter, is sent to the appropriate transcript contact person at your university. We keep an official copy at our office in the event you ever need to request one again in the future. For additional transcripts that you request or may need in the future (such as for graduate schools or applying to jobs or teaching programs) there is a processing fee of $25.


Meet with your study abroad office to find out what the pre-approval process is on your campus. Get the syllabi you need from Sol Education Abroad. Approve alternate courses in case you need to make a class change when you get on your program. It’s always best to be prepared! Communicate to your advisor as to when to expect the completed transcript. For any special requests (like needing to receive it early) please let us know! If you are having any problems along the way please let us know and one of us can contact your school to get things cleared up. While abroad keep all of your course materials in case you need to present something from the course to your advisor when you return.

Financial Aid & Credit

If you are using financial aid on the program please remember that you must remain at full-time status during the program. If you drop below a full-time load, or if you fail one of the courses needed to keep you at full-time status, then you will have to pay back your financial aid. It is very important that you make sure this does not happen!

US School of Record

Should you need a US School of Record our US partner university for transcripting purposes is Jacksonville University (JU). They are used for transcripting for our Spain program for courses taken at IMSOL language school. JU charges $75/credit hour earned not to exceed $1,000. Please contact us for more information regarding this process.

Schools of Records

Buenos Aires, Argentina
English name: University of Belgrano
Spanish name: Universidad de Belgrano
Acronym: UB

Buenos Aires, Argentina
English name: University Institute of Economics and Business Administration
Spanish name: Instituto Universitario Escuela Superior de Economía y Administración de Empresa
Acronym: ESEADE

Buenos Aires, Argentina
English Name: National University of Tres de Febrero
Spanish Name: Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero
Acronym: UNTREF

Oaxaca, Mexico
English name: University of Oaxaca
Spanish name: Universidad Autónoma de Benito Juárez de Oaxaca
Acronym: UABJO

Heredia, Costa Rica
English name: Latin University
Spanish name: Universidad Latina
Acronym: ULCR (or ULatina)

Granada, Spain
English name: University of Granada
Spanish name: Universidad de Granada
Acronym: UGR


Each foreign institution we work with is fully-accredited by that country's Ministry of Education.

Foreign Grading Scale

Each foreign university has its own grading scale. We list the conversion scale in the translated cover letter that accompanies your completed foreign transcript.

Schools of Record (Transcripts Issued By)

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    University of Belgrano

    Universidad de Belgrano (Belgrano) Zabala 1837
    Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
    Phone: 54-11-4788-5400
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    ESEADE University (at Academia Buenos Aires)

    Academia Buenos Aires (Academia) Hipólito Yrigoyen 571
    CP 1086
    Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Phone: 54-11-4345 5954
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    Universidad Abierta Interamericana (at Elebaires)

    Elebaires (Elebaires) Elebaires
    Pringles 1441, C1183AFA
    Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
    Phone: +54-11-4383-7706
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

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