Site Visits

Site Visits are designed to allow you to visit our program and see us in action! An advisor in your study abroad office and a faculty member are ideal candidates. Normally, site visits are reserved for affiliated universities (or schools considering an affiliation) once the university has sent a total of 10 students abroad on our program or if another arrangement is agreed upon. We cover all expenses if your policies allow for this: round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, onsite arrangements (participating in excursions & cultural activities) and all meals. Please contact us if you or someone from your university would like to participate in our next site visit.

Once a year we plan a group site visit for 10 to 15 individuals to a set Sol Education Abroad location. The site visit occurs either during the fall or spring semester for a period of 6 days (Wednesday through Monday). During the site visit participants follow a set schedule guided by the onsite program director to visit the foreign university partner, see the classroom environment, meet with local faculty, visit homestays, meet with students abroad and learn about the various programming aspects that make Sol Education Abroad unique for your students.

We understand that sometimes it is not possible to attend one of our group site visits. For this reason, we often plan different types of independent site visits. Types of independent site visits:

1) If a you or a someone from your university already plans to be abroad at one of our locations we can plan a mini-site visit around your schedule. This can range over one day to several days depending on what your time allows. We are happy to have you see as much as our program as possible in the time that you have available.
2) It is also possible to request from us a custom site visit if you or your university wants to evaluate a specific Sol Education Abroad location. We can accommodate multiple individuals from the univerisity and will plan with you an itinerary and the amount of days abroad to see all the aspects of programming.

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