Cultural Activities

Cultural activities are included in your study abroad program price!

Cultural activities can include cooking classes, dance classes, museum visits & cultural tours of the area. The cultural activities for your program are confirmed in the program calendar that you receive 4 weeks prior to start date.

Below is a list of possible cultural activities for the program:

Photo not found. Theater Night (Federico García Lorca Performance) - July & August

Experience the musical and theatrical adaptation of one of Federico García Lorca's works in the open-air Generalife Theater located in the heart of the Generalife gardens at the Alhambra.

Photo not found. Welcome Activity & Program Orientation

Welcome Acivity & Program Orientation

Photo not found. Arabic Baths

Step back into the days of the Moors and experience an Arab Bath house (or Hammam)

Photo not found. Arabic Tea Houses

Granada’s historic quarter known as the Albaicín is full of exotic Arabic tea houses or "teterías".

Photo not found. City Tour (Albaicín Neighborhood)

City Tour (Albaicín Neighborhood)

Photo not found. City Tour (Cathedral & Royal Chapel)

Granada is home to the final resting place of the Catholic Kings and their famous Cathedral.

Photo not found. City Tour (Sacromonte Neighborhood & Gypsy Cave Houses)

The Sacromonte area is the historic Gypsy neighborhood of Granada and home to many flamenco venues.

Photo not found. City Tour (The Realejo Neighborhood)

The Realejo is the old Jewish quarter of Granada from the time of the Moors.

Photo not found. Festival (Festival de Música y Danza) - June & July

Festival (Festival de Música y Danza) - June & July

Photo not found. Flamenco Dance Class

Flamenco, of course, is a must while in Granada.

Photo not found. Flamenco Performance (Gypsy Cave)

In the evenings the lively music of the gypsies, flamenco, resonates from the hillside caves of Sacromonte.

Photo not found. Granada Orientation City Tour

With Granada’s deep history and mix of so many cultures the city tour is a walk through time.

Photo not found. Hiking

The wild mountain landscapes of Southern Spain provide the perfect locale for hiking.

Photo not found. Movie Night (in Spanish)

Movie Night (in Spanish)

Photo not found. Spanish Conversation & Exchange

Spanish Conversation & Exchange

Photo not found. Tapas Night

Tapas Night

Photo not found. Traditional Cooking Class (Paella & Spanish Tortilla)

Learning to cook traditional dishes while abroad is the best way to take something back from your experience.

Photo not found. Traditional Food Tasting Class (Spanish Tapas, Olive Oil & Cuisine)

Learn about the culinary traditions of Southern Spain.