Spain Housing & Homestay

When you study abroad one of the most important aspects to a good experience is your housing. Below are the types of housing options available:


Each of our programs involves a homestay. Living and sharing your experience abroad with a homestay is one of the important highlights of studying overseas. In fact, this can be the most enriching and lasting aspect of studying in a foreign country. Many students often maintain relationships with their host families well beyond the conclusion of the program. Our homestays make up an important part of our team. They are carefully selected and interviewed, and have extensive prior experience. Most of our students opt for the homestay option.

Here are some things you can expect:
- 3 meals per day are provided by the homestay and they will provide a sack lunch on weekend excursions.
- Most homestays are considered middle-class by local standards and live in very safe neighborhoods.
- Our homestays are located conveniently within 20 to 25 minutes walking distance to school. You will not need to take public transport.
- Laundry is done once a week by the homestay.
- All of the homes have WiFi.

Residence Hall
We highly recommend the homestay experience as it’s the best choice for a true immersion experience, however, for students looking for some form of independence we recommend staying at a Residence Hall. For those students who choose the Residence Hall option and are placed there, please note that meals are not provided for students on Saturdays, Sundays and local holidays. You will be responsible for purchasing your own meals (or preparing your own meals) during these times.

Independent Housing
We understand the needs of our students and for different reasons some students prefer to find their own apartment or live with a family they already know. If you choose this option the housing portion is deducted from your program price. Our directors will assist as best they can but ultimately it is your responsibility to pay deposits, sign any lease and pay rent for your independent housing. Also, sometimes students decide later in their program they want to do this option. If you make this decision once the program begins, there may not be any refunds since the host family was already contracted for a set period of time. We will always work with you as best we can to help make sure you are in your ideal housing situation.

For semester or academic year students, if you decide that you want to find your own housing we recommend that you live the first month with one of our host families. That will give you time to get your bearings as the program starts and will give you time to find a place that you like. You will receive a housing discount from the program price for each month that you do not live with our host families. This must all be decided in advance.

Our Commitment:

We strive to provide the richest cultural experience possible with our programs, and realize that housing while abroad is an integral part to the experience you have. After acceptance into our program we will provide you with a Housing Questionnaire in order to learn about your specific housing needs, such as if you may require vegetarian or kosher meals only. Our onsite director will immediately address any issues you may have with your host family. We want this to be a positive experience for you! The cultural growth you will experience by living with a family is truly unmatched.