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    Grace Wolfe (University of Texas at Austin - Texas)
    Argentina, Summer(2013)


    "My time in Argentina with Sol Education was a life changing experience. Between the people I met, the SOL directors, my host family, the daily activities within the city, and the weekend excursions I couldn't have imagined a better way to study abroad. Living within the culture by staying with a host family and taking university classes produced in us, the students, a sense of normalcy rather than feeling like a tourist. While in Buenos Aires, my favorite cultural activity was Mate Club. Every week we had the opportunity to speak with locals and practice Spanish while they practiced English. Of all the amazing excursions, the one that has truly impacted my life was volunteering with TECHO. This organization helps fight extreme poverty in South America. Alongside other volunteers of TECHO, I had the opportunity to help build a family a house in one weekend. I am grateful for every experience in Argentina and the people who have changed my life for the better."