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    Nicole Lightfoot (Western Kentucky University - Kentucky)
    Mexico, Summer(2018)


    "I thoroughly enjoyed all of the cultural activities (except yoga, because I'm writing my 7 page paper due this week, so I'm skipping that one tonight). I am a history buff and the amount of culture & history that I learned at Monte Alban, Mitla, and Santo Domingo was incredible. The tour of the library at Santo Domingo was amazing and I sincerely hope that is able to continue. The artisanal workshops were incredible. Beyond the alebrijes (I loved the movie Coco, and was so excited to see the workshop), there were so many things I never knew I NEEDED to see and learn. The pottery, weavers, alebrijes, stencils, and palenque...every stop was a wonderful experience and I truly enjoyed all of it. I am already a Spanish Education major, so that will stay the same. However, I have seen a side of Mexico that is completely the opposite of everything I have ever seen in the media back home. I am in love with Oaxaca in particular and cannot wait to bring my children back here to experience some of the amazing things I did. I'm afraid Mexico may get sick of me. "