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    Parker Tibbets (Texas A&M University - Texas)
    Mexico, Summer(2012)


    "My host family has been absolutely great! Each member of the family was extremely friendly, positive, and welcoming. I celebrated my birthday with them, and they made me a special meal with a birthday pie! I never felt awkward or out of place. I plan to keep in touch and hopefully visit them again. the greatest benefit of the trip was the level of interaction we experienced with Mexican's and other travelers. It is so interesting to find out about other people's experiences and ways of life in such a colorful setting. The cultural knowledge obtained is irreplaceable and cannot be gained through simply reading a book or sitting in a classroom. My director was a blast to be around. From day one she was friendly, positive, outgoing, knowledgeable, funny and easy-going. My trip would not have been half as great without her enthusiasm and energetic attitude. She gave us many options as far as what we could do, and always made sure we were enjoying our time here. She appeared to enjoy her time with us and went the extra mile to provide us with a top-notch experience. My experience with Sol Education in Oaxaca has been a great one. Everyone from Sol Education Abroad I spoke with before and during my trip was very friendly and willing to provide any advice I asked for. Students interested in Sol Education should know that they will be led by professional directors who are always available to answer questions. Your workload at school will vary depending on your classes, but it is not very stressful. Cultural activities are enjoyable and offer variety. Oaxaca is definitely an artistic city, and many cultural activities and activities undertaken in free time will be related to the arts. It is fun to get to know both other students in the program and Mexican students from school. You will learn a lot about Mexican culture, especially through the experience with your host family. I loved the time I spent with my "familia Oaxaquena", and I felt completely at home with them. Come prepared to be pretty busy in your first month and bring shoes that allow you to walk a lot. Oaxaca has a lot to offer and I feel Sol Education and my director in particular did a great job of making the unique aspects of the city available to us. "