Universities & Advisors


Study abroad offices need to send their students abroad with safe and trusted programs. With Sol Education Abroad you can be assured that your student will be taken care of in the greatest way possible both in terms of general safety but also in regards to academics and the overall study abroad experience. In order to better serve the schools we work with and their student body, we often create Affiliation Agreements between our organization and yours. There are many benefits to an Affiliation Agreement with Sol Education Abroad. Some of these benefits include:

  • Providing students with easy access to our reputable and affordable study abroad programs. With Sol Education Abroad you know that your students are well-taken care of!
  • Allowing students to use their financial aid and scholarships while enrolled in our program.
  • Providing the student with a more streamlined transcript process.
  • As an Affiliate, Sol Education Abroad will grant a direct discount for each of your students or contribute to a scholarship fund at your school.
  • You can choose to only affiliate with those Sol Education Abroad programs that fill your program list. You do not have to affiliate with every one of our locations!
  • Site visits.

Please contact us today to receive a sample Affiliation Agreement! We will outline the responsibilities of both parties and will change the wording as best fits your needs. We look forward to working with you!

Site Visits

Site visits are a great way for an advisor to see first-hand what our programs are all about. We encourage advisors to come experience our world-class study abroad programs so that you can witness what a difference our quality programs make for the student.

Affiliate Partners:

As part of our affiliate agreement, we will provide you with air transportation, accommodations, onsite arrangements and meals once your university has sent a total of 10 students abroad on our program or if another arrangement is agreed upon.


For those from schools who are not in a position to become an affiliate and simply want to see our program for advising reasons or to scout out a potential faculty-led trip, we are always happy to help you with your site visit in any way possible. Please contact us today for more details! We are happy to provide references from advisors who have participated in a site visit with us in the past.

We look forward to seeing you abroad!