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For more detailed country information, please see also our Country Handbook for each country.

Visa & Travel Permits:

US Citizens:

Most of our program countries do not require any special visa to enter. Please use the following table to determine if you will need a travel visa (applies to US citizens only):

  Summer Semester Academic Year Winter Break Not needed if less than:
Argentina No Yes * Yes * No 90 days
Costa Rica No No ** No ** No 90 days
Mexico No No Yes * No 180 days
Spain No Yes ***
Yes *** No 90 days

* Obtained onsite.

** Tourist Visa will be renewed by crossing the border to Panama during a weekend excursion.

*** Obtained before departure by the student, not included in the program (we provide full assistance and all documentation that is needed).

Non-US Citizens

Please check VisaHQ to see if you need a travel visa (enter the country of your citizenship and the country you would like to study abroad in).

Entrance & Exit Fees

  Entrance Fee Amount Exit Fee Amount
Argentina No $0.00 No $0.00
Costa Rica No $0.00 Yes approx $29.00 USD
Mexico No $0.00 No $0.00
Spain No $0.00 No $0.00

Embassies & Consulates in the U.S.